Sep 242010

Oregonians love their beer.  This becomes obvious after only a few days in Deschutes County.  In fact, this becomes obvious after a few hours in Deschutes County.  There are currently 8 brewpubs active with others soon to follow here in Deschutes County.  While certainly no stranger to beer and/or brewpubs I had never, ever heard of a Growler before entering Deschutes County.  What exactly is a Growler?  What is your definition of a Growler?  Why is it called a Growler?  How did a 64 fluid ounce glass container (4 pints) get the name Growler?  I had no idea and therefore asked this simple question at several local brewpubs only to discover that the person serving me a beer had no idea either.  After a few moments spent online I had my answer.  Apparently they drink beer in New York City but I think the historical research provided by the Beer Advocate is more appropriate for the Oregon beer consumer. Clicking on those links will give you a more detailed explanation than you are probably looking for, but it’s enlightening none the less.

There are several very good reasons to own and constantly refill a Growler.

Environmentally Friendly – If you believe in Green, eat Organic and are constantly concerned about the environment, the Growler is your best friend.  Recycle?  Absolutely !  In fact, you are ready to refill and recycle your Growler on a regular basis.

Drink Responsibly – Never, ever worry about drinking and driving again.  Drive to your favorite brewpub, fill your Growler, drive home safely and then enjoy your beer either alone or with friends.

Politically Correct –  We all know that your neighbors are checking out your recycle bin just after you put it on the street for garbage day pickup.  Your nosy neighbors not only know what you drink, they know how much you drink.  You cannot run . . .  you cannot hide.  Your Growler eliminates this problem.  No one knows how often you refill, which beer you favor or how often you favor your beer.

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